Randy Hix
About the Author

Randy Hix has served as a Pastor, Bible School Dean and teacher for over 35 years. He has ministered internationally and has a heart to see a new generation of Kingdomminded people who will fulfill their Godgiven destinies. Randy and Renee Hix have been married for 45 years and reside in Reno, Nevada.

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About the Book

There is an Affirmation Crisis. It is the result of fatherlessness. Generations have grown up without a father. Whether physically or emotionally absent, it leaves in the child a wound of absence.

The “father wound” has created broken humans and people who carry an Orphan spirit. Lostness, identity confusion, broken relationships and emotional disfunction have been some of the results.

But that is not God’s plan. His desire is that you and I be healed and restored in our hearts to know that we are capable, loved and confident in who we are.

In ‘The Affirmation Crisis’ Pastor, Teacher and Missionary, Randy Hix details the serious impact this fatherlessness epidemic is having on our society and individuals. Randy explains our Heavenly Father’s original plan for the family and how to receive the needed affirmation and healing needed to mend the wounded heart.